Monday April 22, 2024
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At Esgadi we have 5 years experience freight management, we have our own equipment to serve our cutomers needs, we have established strategic alliance with several transportation companies in the US and Canada that permits us to mange freight door to door in North America in a transparent way for our customers.

- 53’ truck and platforms.
- 20Trucks and 30 Trailers.

- Guadalajara Local Metro Area
- Guadalajara, JAL / Mexico City, D.F.
- Guadalajara, JAL / Monterrey, N.L.
- Guadalajara, JAL / Nuevo Laredo, TAMS.
and vice versa: DF/GDL, MTY/GDL, NLD/GDL
- Manzanillo / GDL / Manzanillo

Design of Milk Runs

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